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Buenos Aires

Mar 16, 2022

Argentina is a huge country with plenty to offer. Don't expect to take a weeklong vacation and check it off your list. Buenos Aires alone will make that week feel like a fleeting day! Between the food, architecture, and an uncountable number of dog owners, there is something for everyone to appreciate.

Aerial view of the andes
The Andes act as an amazing first impression when flying in from the pacific.
The Argentinian installment of my glass ceiling series
Rain makes its first appearance in the famous, long-running glass ceiling series.
Ferris wheel on a rainy day
The water above meets with that below at the Tigre Delta.
Statue in the middle of a large fountain
Over 100 years later, the vision of Carlos Thays still shines through.
Automovil Club Argentina sign next to the road
The ACA might tickle your fancy if gardens aren't your style.
Caminito on a beautiful day
Caminito does its best to match the spirit of the city with its colorful buildings.
Market stalls in San Telmo
Sundays at San Telmo present a hustle and bustle with the same effect.
Sleepy afternnon in San Telmo
Any other day of the week will be surprisingly still.
Casa de Misericordia front entrance
But nowhere can be as peaceful as one of the many churches in Buenos Aires.
Casa de Misericordia interior
This silent scene does not even hint at the rowdy schoolchildren being let out right across the sreet.
Decorated ceiling of Galerias Pacifico
Galerias Pacifico stands in both worlds with all the beauty and none of the quiet.
Woman driving a scooter around the city
There's nothing like taking your scooter for a spin after picking up some pumps at the mall.
Newer developments in Buenos Aires
Although it is known for its historic features, every day in the city holds something new.
An accepted proposal