February Skies
Mar 1, 2021

Around the middle of February, I started taking pictures of the sky each day. Nine of them made it here for your viewing pleasure. They are arranged by weather and apparent time, rather than chronologically! The transitions would be smoother in a perfect world, but this is not a perfect world.

feb 19
April showers bring May flowers. What about February?
feb 18
Let me know if you have the answer.
feb 15
For now, I'll simply accept the opportunities they give.
feb 16
Sometimes, thinking about these things just causes you to miss your chance.
feb 17
There is no telling how large the window is.
feb 24
Before you know it, there won't be any more clouds to ponder.
feb 25
Besides, there will be plenty of time to reflect once the sun goes down.
feb 22
Unless the stars distract you.
feb 23