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Mount Mitchell

Aug 23, 2020

A few friends and I took an early morning trip to Mount Mitchell in North Carolina. I brought my camera along. Here are some of my favorite pictures from that day.

Man in blue shirt standing next to mossy tree
Man hiking in a dark forest
Group of hikers taking a break
Man in hoodie posing between trees
Sun shining through morning mist
My shadow cast on the trees below
Man sitting on rock with back turned to camera
Man sitting on rock looking into the fog-engulfed horizon
Two people looking down into a crevice
Two people looking at each other - one in the crevice and one above
Sunny portrait of a man surrounded by trees
Two men standing with mountaintops behind them
Man drinking water above the clouds
Man standing in the middle of a mountaintop trail
Man showing off his beef jerky
Cloudy horizon with towers and trees peeking through