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Jan 14, 2020

I visited some important people and took some fun pictures! No camera this time, but a phone is good too. Enjoy this look into Avenida Paulista, Liberdade, Ibirapeura, and more.

Pond at Parque Municipal Engenheiro Salvador Arena
Waterfall at Salvador Arena
Koi fish swimming in a pond
Rainy day in Sao Bernardo
People walking around in Liberdade
Liberdade metro station
Sao Bernardo cityscape
Christmas trees near the water at Ibirapuera
Naval monument at Ibirapuera
People waiting for rides on Avenida Paulista
Sao Paulo Mall
Another entry in my famous glass ceiling photo series
Coffee from a US-themed diner
US-themed diner interior
A slightly messy espresso
A very unique view of Aya the dog
Vegetation hanging down from a cement wall