Buenos Aires (2022-03-16)

You can see that the city lives up to its name.

The Swamp (2021-04-29)

Web-based text adventure created for final group project in ECU's Web Applications class. Backend written in Python + Flask and frotend in Javascript.

February Skies (2021-03-01)

Just a few. My hard drive wouldn't be able to hold all of them.

Twimg bot (2021-02-19)

Discord bot that retrieves a random image from a user-specified Twitter account. Written in Python.

Brazil (2021-01-14)

A glimpse of São Bernardo and São Paulo.

Mount Mitchell (2020-08-23)

Photos from an early morning trip to Mount Mitchell.

South Korea (2020-01-24)

Some photos I took while studying abroad in South Korea.

Farm Trust (2019-04-18)

Proof of concept created for Blockchain research project at ECU's Innovation Design Lab. Web portal which allows produce sellers to send information to buyer as per business requirements.

ECU Spark Homepage (2019-04-11)

Webpage created for 2019 ECU Spark event.

Identiflower (2018-10-07)

Webapp demo created for HackNC 2018. Gives users best guess at flower name based on uploaded image. Written in Javascript.

Cisconnect (2018-05-12)

Bash script created for group capstone project. Allows CCCC networking students to remotely access and reserve classroom infrastructure in order to complete assignments.

Picthing/Pycthing (2018-04-23)

Originally a bash script created for a class assignment. Rewritten in Python later. Pycthing accepts (most?) images as input and draws them in the terminal using colored block characters.